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4/20/2011 03:52:58 am

Great Page! Thanks for sharing your story and most of all your memories of Spanky!

Carissa Dunn
4/22/2011 03:41:00 pm

This looks great mom. Chi Chi looks goofy in her picture.
EVERYONE should check out the stories about Bear and Spanky... they might have a similar story they never thought twice about.
I love you

6/15/2011 11:46:15 pm

This is so great! I can tell from reading your site that you looove your babies! Congrats on your invite to Austin. I hope you do get justice for Spanky. I will keep coming back for updates so keep those posts coming.

6/28/2011 01:00:32 am

Need to update it some, I'm glad you took me to the hearing. It seems like a long time but it will fly by! I love you

Handsome Brother
6/28/2011 07:58:37 pm

My sister... I know how difficult this was for her. I couldn't be more proud of her for the courage she has shown in not just seeking justice for the negligence that resulted in the loss of Spanky, but more importantly for the protection of other pets and owners. She is a true advocate for our beloved pets, and her actions will result in saving lives. Although she would never seek the accolades of people who know about what she has done and those who don't... she is getting them from me. Thank you Sis! You have done a wonderful thing for people and pets, and I love you!

6/29/2011 12:08:26 am

Great job Sissy. So glad that you stood your ground for Spanky. Just know that know matter what the outcome will be, showing your dedication to your pets, has not only been admirable for your family, but has also delivered awareness that all of our pets are more than animals, they're our family & they have rights too! YOU GO GIRL, love ya

6/29/2011 09:16:24 am

I am so glad that you took a stand for the mistreatment of Spanky! Anyone who looks at Spanky's pictures and the pictures of your other pets can see that you & your family love all your little babies! How could a vet be insensitive and negligent is beyond me. Heartlessness is just a small word for it. Nothing ventured is nothing gained & you have certainly taken the matter where it needed to go. Bless the Beasts and the Children....and God Bless you Sissy! Love you & keep us posted.

3/15/2012 11:39:58 am

I saw Spanky's story on Fox 26 news just now- heart breaking. I have a 13 year old Pit Bull and she is my "Ace-Boon-Coon". She traveled with me for years from Houston to Yoakum, Texas when I was commander of the Reserve Unit there. At times I was so tired I power napped in my car- she stayed up and kept watch.

Her current veterinarian is 85+ years old. Although he continues to stress that she should be spayed, I refuse to let him do it. When he said I should have her anal glands removed, I went to another vet to get it done. I refuse to face any future regrets if anything went wrong. My heart goes out to you.

3/16/2012 06:10:30 am

Thanks for the comment Artina..I you have any doubts about surgery don't do it. I wish I could change my decision and now I will live with that bad choice for the rest of my life. Take care of "Ace" sounds like she has a great owner!!!

3/24/2017 07:59:01 am

Hi, so sorry to hear about your gorgeous dog Spanky.

Over the years i have had tremendous problems with vets, pet loss due to their negligence ie, unable to determine the correct amount of Metacam and injecting too much resulting in my pet having immediate extreme fits and death followed by the vets dismissal with a wave of his hand, saying there must have been some underlying problem..lets move on etc ( vet now retired )
This is my most recent letter to a different vet Partner who responded to my complaint:

Dear Karen, thank you for your prompt reply and for providing the information which I requested.

Having noticed on your website that you are a partner in the veterinary practice I would like to outline briefly the reason for my complaint.

I explained to Angharad when I arrived with my Siamese on 22/03/17 that the reason I was attending your surgery was that a friend of mine who also breeds Siamese cats, Maureen McKevitt, had met with Chris Kirtley about a year ago and that he stated upon examining her cat that he could remove it's third eyelid, which would not retract, during its castration whilst it was under anesthetic and charge extra accordingly. She agreed and this went ahead and the cat had normal vision restored.

I asked Angharad if he would be performing the surgery on my cat as my Siamese had a similar problem and she checked on a list and stated that he would be.

I specifically asked this question as he is an ophthalmic surgeon. Due to this I agreed to allow my Siamese to be taken to Oswestry.

I then asked if he could look at the eyelids of my Siamese prior to any surgery to see if my Siamese would be able to have the same procedure carried out. She stated that he would be asked to do so. I also explained that this was the ONLY reason I was considering the operation as I was prepared to do so as the cat would only be sedated once and that Mrs McKevitt recommended Mr Kirtley due to his successful operation on her cats eyes, and I stated that I could have had the cat taken to my local vet in Wrexham if all I required was to have it neutered, which was not my primary intention.

At this point Kim arrived at reception and I explained the situation to her exactly as above.

Anghared then asked me to sign a consent form. I said that I was hesitant and reluctant to do so as I wanted confirmation concerning the eyelid removal before the neutering went ahead.This was in the presence of Kim. Had I been told that another surgeon would be performing the operation I would not have agreed to any operation, but I had received assurances that Chris Kirtley was on that day and would be operating on my Siamese..

I told both Anghared and Kim that I was prepared to pay ANY excess charge for the extra operation.

Anghared asked if I would read the release form and sign it as there are risks with any operation and anesthetic and I said that it was fine as if the eye surgery were also going ahead I had no problem in doing so. I duly signed, in the belief that Mr Kirtly would be making the assessment of the eyes BEFORE any further progress was made. In the event that the eye operation was not feasible I believed that the operation would be cancelled.
This is my prerogative as the owner of the cat as I had explained what I wanted, even if any cancellation cost were incurred. Had I been told this was not possible I would not have agreed.

Prior to my leaving I again stated to Kim that I was prepared to pay ANY excess amount for the eye operation to enable my cat to have restored vision.

When I arrived to collect my cat approximately 4.30pm it was in the belief that Mr Kirtley had either made the assessment and performed the eye operation and the castration,or had not and returned my Siamese intact. I expressed my concern when I was told that the operation had gone ahead and that the eyes were better left as they were. I said I was very dissatisfied about this deviation from our verbal agreement.

It was not until your confirmation email that I now discover that Mr Kirtly did not perform the assessment and operation.

Angharad politely tried to resolve the situation by contacting Mr Kirtley on the telephone and asked me if I would speak with him directly.

He was immediately very evasive as to who had carried out the operation especially when I asked if he had personally examined my cats eyes. He said he had. Were this the case and an eye operation was not considered feasible it was my expectation that the castration would not be performed.

This was the reason I requested clarification from you as to who the surgeon was. You now inform me that Mr Kirtley had not examined my cats eyes.

I tried to explain to him calmly what had happened but he was exceptionally confrontational from the beginning stating that he had never personally met Mrs McKevitt and that her cat's eye problem was different from the problem my cat was experiencing and that I was ' swiveling the facts' to suit my own story and had I expe



3/24/2017 08:08:57 am


I tried to explain to him calmly what had happened but he was exceptionally confrontational from the beginning stating that he had never personally met Mrs McKevitt and that her cat's eye problem was different from the problem my cat was experiencing and that I was ' swiveling the facts' to suit my own story and had I expected him to 'wobble about' mid operation to examine my cats eyes? - when in fact he was misleading in that statement as he had not performed either an assessment or the castration.
I then told him that he was ignorant and personally offensive in expressing his views in that manner to a client and were that his opinion it would have been preferable for him to have stated this in a different manner. I also told him not to speak to me in such a demeaning ​way​
and not be so condescending as I am a fully qualified Secondary School teacher and not prepared to have him speak to me accusatorily​ and that further discussion with him at that time was pointless as he was so

He had launched into this tirade without speaking with all members of Staff who had been present that morning and without having the relevant facts available. He made his immediate response quite unprofessionally.

He then told me that I was ignorant.

This is definitely NOT the response expected from a Partner in a veterinary practice and is in violation of the:
Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons

2.7 Veterinary surgeons must respond promptly, fully and courteously to clients’ complaints and criticism.

This conversation was in the presence of Georgia and Alice​,​
although they would only have heard my conversation and not his response.​

Mr Kirtley absolutely refused to discuss this situation which had arisen and was far more concerned in denial and accusations which arouses immediate suspicion of malfeasance and malpractice.

Thank you for your time in reviewing this matter.




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